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This is what makes Young Living Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils so important.  Pure essential oils are some of nature’s most powerful therapeutic substances available.  100% Pure & Natural Oils.  They are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are oil-infusedd for the home or personal care.

Essential Oils Workshop


In clinical practice, essential oils have been shown to have a profound influence on the central nervous system, helping to reduce or eliminate pain and release muscle tension.

Young Living Seminars


I was delighted to learn and at the same time to have so much fun at the Beauty School.  

Beauty School Essentials


Young Living Beauty Essential School, comes to Houston almost every year.  It is great to learn about the use of the different oils and products.  Skin Care - Savvy Minerals Training.

Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Oils Workshop


Oil Workshops are fun, you meet people, you discover new oils, and you get your free gift.  Check with us to see the schedule for the next Workshop.

Oils for Your Specific Needs


 The new but ancient weapon against drug-resistant bacteria. 


Enjoy the Learning Experience


During a Workshop you can buy oils at a discounted price.  The perfect time to get all the oils that you need.

Young Living Essential Oils are Therapeutic grade oils

Three Ways to Use the Oils: aromatically, topically, and internally.


Monthly Workshops - Contact me directly for the schedule.


For diaper rash, Lavender oil is wonderful. DILUTE all oils when being used on babies.


Thieves, Frankincense, and Lavender are safe oils for animals as well as others.


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